The Process of Cleaning Spa Chairs At Nail Salon

As previously promised by, today we will discuss the best practices to ensure the cleanliness of pedicure chairs and utensils.

Clean the foot bath

The first thing you will need to do is to clean the pedicure chair step by step.

Step 1: Pour the remaining water into the footbath.
Step 2: Put warm water and soap, into the basin, use a brush to scrub on the surface of the basin / use a cloth to wipe the inside of the tub thoroughly.
Step 3: Rinse the sink again with cold water and wipe out the water thoroughly.
Step 4: Pour the disinfectant solution into warm water and rinse again.

Read the information on the disinfectant package or bottle carefully, to make sure the amount of water and solution is correct.

Note: If the footbath has a hydraulic system or recirculation feature, take advantage of that to let them wash the basin with the disinfectant solution – this will save cleaning time, and the tub will also be cleaner and more thorough.

Step 5: Empty the water in the tub for 5-10 minutes and wipe with a clean cloth.

The pedicure chair leg is one of the dirtiest parts (even after cleaning and cleaning), so proper cleaning of the basin and disinfection is very important.

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Wash fabrics

If you need to use a cloth to wipe off any water spills from the sink, you should also have a clean cloth to wipe, for safety and proper cleaning.

Fabric washing is simple: instead of having to wash each piece of fabric one at a time, you can take advantage of the facilities at the salon to wash all fabrics at the end of the day (this will save you time). Just put the fabric in the washing machine turned on at high temperature with a detergent solution suitable for lint.


Sanitary pedicure chair

Usually, cleaning nail chairs with the disinfectant solution will take a lot of time; For more thorough cleaning, using lukewarm water and soap and the disinfectant solution is recommended.

Once the client has left the pedicure chair, pour warm water and soap (especially the footrest) before wiping with a clean cloth. After cleaning, use disinfectant spray and wipe clean again before serving customers.

Deal with body fluids

This will make you less than satisfied, nonetheless, you must always wipe off body fluids regularly (from pedicure chairs or other equipment and utensils).

The liquid can also come from the client’s sneeze which contains a lot of bacteria.

Either way, they should be cleaned as soon as possible to prevent the spread of germs.

Don’t use soap and warm water – use an antiseptic to clean thoroughly; In addition, you need to have protective gear during general cleaning to ensure health safety.



It is not difficult to learn how to clean pedicure chairs and equipment, but it is difficult to maintain a regular cleaning schedule.

If there are dedicated staff and the right cleaning tools, cleaning the salon will no longer be difficult. has shared the basics of spa chair cleaning procedures at a nail salon, hope the above article will be useful and bring a good environment for your salon.