We aim to build a company where customers can easily find all products to create beautiful and professional salons.
Salondepot was developed by a team of good technology experts and experienced professionals passionate about the beauty industry. This combination utilizes the knowledge and recognition of customers’ needs to create suitable and quality products. Our high-tech products provide a friendly and accessible customer experience while maintaining economic costs.

Quality products and dedicated customer service are the top priorities of

We hope that when customers want to buy beauty products, will be their first choice.

Community Commitment

You’re Shopping
You’re Helping

We commit a part of our profits to contribute to and support disadvantaged children in developing countries (specifically in Vietnam).

At Salondepot, we want to bring the best products and services so that customers can create professional salons and bring beauty to everyone. Beauty will be more honored and noble when it spreads, touches everyone, and significantly contributes to children with difficult circumstances.

We want to present and interpret its whole meaning: Beauty products are not only for outside but also for within.

Let’s Build Together

The big brands in the US that most people mention, such as:

Home equipment:
Office equipment:
Restaurant equipment:

So, why is there a shortage of beauty equipment like

Americans may know many nail salons owned by the Vietnamese community, but how proud would it be when the Vietnamese can dominate other beauty distributors such as:
Hair Salon
Spa Salon
Skin & Beauty Salon currently still serves the Vietnamese community and the nails industry as a startup compared to large companies in the US. If we have support from the Vietnamese community, we believe we will develop and bring more incredible pride to the Vietnamese community.

Join us in building and bringing pride to the Vietnamese community.